The Requirements for Owning a New Car in the UK

Owning a vehicle is a big step for most young adults. It’s a symbol of freedom as well as financial independence from one’s parents or family. Paying the down payment for your first vehicle may require saving up for a few months or tapping into your life savings. It’s a good investment considering the difficulty of taking public transport to and from work every day.

Having a car in the UK allows you the mobility to go wherever you please, and even travel the beaten tracks. You can explore the lush countryside and treat yourself to a few hours of tranquillity by driving to the beach areas or meadows. These are refreshing sights where lorries and trains don’t usually go to.

If you’re a first-time car owner, you will need to do some research before purchasing your first automobile. It would be helpful to go to the best car research site and look for the list of requirements you will need. Having these forms or papers will make it easier to facilitate getting a vehicle.

It would be best if you have the necessary forms on hand when you go the dealership to purchase your car. It is a given that the potential car owner already has a valid driver’s license to drive in the UK. This must be secured weeks prior to your scheduled date to buy a car.

Another requirement would be that the person buying the car already knows how to drive. Practice driving helps a lot because it allows a driver to familiar himself with the roads, road signs, and traffic conditions. If you can sign up for driving lessons, that would be even better.

Next, you would need a checking account because most dealers require post-dated cheques for instalment purchases. Alternatively, the monthly payment may be deducted from your bank account or debit card. You can make these arrangements later on when you sign the papers for your vehicle.

Finally, be sure that you have your own garage or parking space. There are strict rules about leaving cars parked outside flats and houses. If your place doesn’t have parking space, make arrangements to have the vehicle housed in paid parking garages in the city.

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North London Mugging Leaves One Man Severely Injured

A young man considers himself to be quite lucky after his mugging at knife point. The incident occurred on Bordesley Green during the early morning hours on Thursday, when the 34 year old man was walking back to his flat after visiting with friends and family.

The man did not notice anything amiss as he was walking, but remembers that a lone man wearing dark trousers, a dark long sleeve tee, and black tennis shoes approached him from the opposite direction.

“I did not notice anything suspicious about the man as he approached, I just thought we were walking in the same area”.

However, when the man was quite close to him, the mugger reached out to yank on his laptop backpack. When the young man refused to give the bag up, the robber pulled a large knife out of his trousers, and told him to hand it over.

The victim continued to fight with his attacker in an effort to protect his belongings, and try to get the knife away from the attacker, but to no avail. The victim explained that within seconds the attacker stabbed him several times, including in the arm, thigh, and finally in his chest, which resulted in the victim releasing his laptop backpack.

The victim is currently receiving treatment for his wounds in hospital due to the large amount of blood lost during the attack. The victim lost a brand new laptop, as well as a rather large sum of money, jewelry, and other valuables that he was carrying in his backpack.

The victim is still considered as being in critical condition, but was in good spirits when we spoke with him earlier today. He said that he is “thankful for his life, but hopes that the attacker will be caught so that his belongings can be recovered.”

Police are requesting information

Police are urging anyone with information to come forward to prevent this kind of attack on other innocent people. Due to the sudden increase in muggings across North London as of late, officers are also stepping up their nighttime patrols. Additionally, they are urging people to make sure that they remain alert and aware of their surroundings, and try to ensure that they always travel with at least one other person when walking at night.

The increase in muggings in this area is leading many to wonder whether it is the same man, or group of people who are carrying out these attacks. There have been several victims who were stabbed during their muggings, and each was carrying a laptop backpack or similar carryall. Police in the area are hopeful that they will figure out who is responsible for these attacks, before anyone else is seriously injured or killed.

If you have any information concerning this or any of the other attacks that have taken place lately, you are urged to contact police so that these muggers can be apprehended before they cause any more injuries or worse.