Why Everyone Should Have An Old School House Party

There is nothing better than a large, mildly-loud house party along the beautiful streets of London. House parties are great for reconnecting with old friends and building friendships with new. But even more, house parties are a great opportunity to remember to the good ole’ days through music.

Old school music, London, and Friends – the perfect mix for a great school reunion party. To prevent confusion, the party was held on Friday night, while the reunion was scheduled for Saturday night. That was literally the entire idea behind my roommate and mine’s last house party. The atmosphere was laid back but exciting and featured the biggest names from London’s historic rockers. We based the idea around the 80’s and 90’s, since that was the last time either of use remembered actually feeling young.

An Ode To The Flip Flop

There was a whole lot of awesome at that party, but the thing I can most clearly remember (which is saying something) was our awesome DJ. After a lot of debate on the subject and some pretty sketchy reviews from friends about their past DJ experiences, we decided to go for the unknown and hire somebody off of Craigslist. We figured worst case scenario we get murdered after the party ends. The DJs name was intriguing, DJ Blue Snow. First off, how does that not just rock.

About fifteen minutes early, a woman showed up sporting some of the best 80s rave girl clothes I have ever seen complete with a side ponytail. I offered to help her carry in what I only assumed was a couple thousand pounds of DJ equipment but what really turned out to be an awesome laptop and just a few additional boxes.

As she set up I couldn’t help but ask her questions about her line of work. She showed me her software, the Atomix  VirtualDJ Pro which looked to be about the most complicated but wholly awesome thing ever invented. She slung around a couple of 80s old skool tunes that made me swoon and before long guests started to arrive.

You Say Permit Like I Should Know What That Is

Shockingly, we actually did have a permit. I mean, we already dated ourselves by saying we were young in the 80s, we know how local government works. We rent our house, had gotten permission from the Landlord (who when the cops showed up was ruling a Keg Stand) and had filled out the paperwork. Our party not only rocked, it was fully sanctioned. Something a more sober version of my roommate would have explained to the nice officer. Instead, he pretended to speak only Russian, or what I assume he thought sounded like Russian, however was much closer to Dolphin Speak. I do have to give the cop credit though, he was endlessly patient.

A Happy Ending

I can honestly say that our party the night before blew the actual reunion out of the water. Our DJ was better, we learned to speak dolphin, and there was alcohol – We were proud.