Drone Usage by London Residents – Is it Right or Wrong?

These days, more and more London residents are utilising drones in the city. These compact flying machines are unmanned and their increased usage does bring up some troubling questions. Typically, drones will be used by private citizens or companies, and, currently, 160 drone licenses have been granted by the industry’s governing body, the CAA. If you want to get involved with your own drone then there are websites like QuadcopterCloud.com which give advise and help find the best quadcopter.

Are Drones Good or Bad?

The primary concern about drone usage by London residents is safety-related. In other words, will these drones crash or fly too low and then cause damage to people, property or possessions? Since the price of drones is decreasing as technology evolves, the issues surrounding the usage of drones within city limits is one that may become even more contentious in the future, as more and more citizens and firms turn to drones for an array of reasons, from recreation to information gathering and beyond. Currently, those who fly drones outside of restricted airspace will be subject to penalties from law enforcement.

Those who fly unmanned drones in London and other parts of the UK may be arrested for threatening public safety and flouting privacy laws. One male who used a drone in order to do a fly-by over a crowded football stadium in Manchester City was recently apprehended by authorities, mostly due to safety concerns. This alarming trend is likely to continue. However, drones do have the capacity to aid public health and safety. Currently, certain police departments use these unmanned flying machines in order to hunt down suspects. For example, a car thief who was hiding out in Leeds was caught when a drone located him via sophisticated thermal imaging technology.