Raving On The Trampoline: How Trampoline & Music Combined Leads To A Great Workout

Raving On The Trampoline

Every few weeks, a friend or business partner will ask how I stay in such good shape. I answer truthfully, yet few people believe me. No, I wasn’t born this way. In fact, I used to be considerably overweight. What helped me achieve the look I want and the health I deserve is a combination of trampoline work out and music. How can these things be combined to create a workout that will help and guide you towards a stronger self for years to come? Let me take a moment to explain it all to you.

The Benefits Of A Trampoline

Trampolines have a lot of benefits for workouts. I appreciate trampolines a lot because they more than anything else require sustaining a high level of endurance. Easy to approach and requiring no previous skill, using a trampoline for a period of time greater than a few minutes means building up your endurance and health. Along with endurance, bouncing on a trampoline helps to increase and improve your muscle strength. With greater muscles comes reduced risk of injury in everyday life and a greater metabolism. Being on a trampoline and doing exercises while flying through the air also improves my flexibility. Capable of reacting quicker to situations, catching myself, and being able to bend in order to support my weight has made me healthier. Finally, one of the best benefits of a trampoline is my reaction time. Being on a trampoline and exercising means constantly moving, constantly being aware of my surroundings, and constantly reacting to things in the moment.

The Benefits Of Music Combined With Exercise

There have been a number of studies that have showed direct correlations between music and improved workouts. First, music helps us to stay motivated as we exercise. It has been shown to improve our overall level of endurance, leading to better, longer workout sessions. In addition, it naturally leads us to time high and low endurance activities. Reflecting the music we are listening to, we time the exercises along with the music, gradually increasing difficulty to a point before relaxing.

Why I Combine Music & Trampoline For A Great Workout

While it may not seem like the most natural pairing out there, music matched with time on the trampoline means a great workout. Across the UK and beyond, other people have discovered this as well, timing health and strength building routines into staying fit with a trampoline. If you have the space on your property, than a large sized trampoline can help keep you moving every week. In addition, if you have a smaller space, then a single person trampoline can help to keep you working out in the comfort of your very own home or flat.

I begin every workout by creating a playlist of my favorite music. I start with slower beats to start out with, and then around 2/3rds to the final quarter of the workout, I have my fastest paced most exciting music. In addition, I consider the variety of trampoline moves I do to stay fit and ramp them up in difficulty along with the music. With every new song I start into a new routine incorporating challenging moves that reflect the music that is playing. By the end of the hour long exercise, I am completely beat! My endurance is shot, and I leave one of the best workouts I’ve ever done. Requiring nothing more than your favorite music and a trampoline, you can stay healthy in a way that is fun and engaging. However, you will never know unless you try it yourself so get out there and good luck!

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